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Oner Steel Door
Oner Steel Door began to work in 1975 with the iron works and steel construction, started to serial production in 1994 in the steel door industry. with with a honest, quality and strong team of multidisciplinary working system and day by day has renewed itself.


Our company has contributed to and share in the formation of local and global steel door standards.Recognizing the responsibility of producing uploaded Suggest Öner Steel Door, in addition to the current test standard durability and safety tests are performed with great care and technical experience.

Safety and durability ; All suggest that we have made the manufacturing of steel doors are standard features. As an option , the center locked steel doors, steel doors finger reader , our steel door kind of remote control comes to the fore. Apartment , Villa , such as entrance doors, as well as custom manufacturing , and each pouch suitable steel doors are available in our production budget and Stylish design in these doors , safety and long service life as strictly optional features .
Individual door needs , as well as housing studies, project -based housing production for bulk sales of steel doors are available in our dealership franchises and demand assessment system. Currently, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 units in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone 6000m2'lik operates in a closed area.
All this sums up in one sentence and say what OUR JOB IS YOUR SAFETY .


Domestic and foreign resources with the regular production and participatory management approach profitable organization with an international reputation and make us confident in every sense of satisfaction of our customers is to see it as a value.

ÖNER steel door Co.Ltd. Researching new products in the industry does business , design and create , to be a reliable company producing effective service,aims to grow, creating differences in this respect,


ÖNER steel door Co.Ltd. All activities ; demand of customers, organize to meet the expectations and demands of providing complete and accurate The implementation of this regulation , questioning the results , measured and participation in the development process is the responsibility of all employees suggest ,

Suggest steel door Co.Ltd. Realizing the objectives of process management implements a quality management system based on the measure of the quality system in accordance with the process of application performance review and the effectiveness of the system and provide resources for the development of the system.


The main objective of human resource management , the purpose of the company is to increase the efficiency to meet the needs of enterprise employees. Human resources management engages in the following activities to achieve this goal

* Personnel Selection, Recruitment and Placement ,

* Performance Management,

* Compensation Management and Reward System